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2024: A Turning Point for the UK's Disabled Community in Climate Advocacy?

Happy New Year! As we welcome this new year, I have been reflecting on the impact of climate change on the lives of disabled people. I have been thinking about how they can take control of their own futures and prepare for the challenges ahead. This has led me to imagine a scenario where I am invited to speak at COP24 in front of leaders and influencers from all over the world. If given the opportunity, I would share a message of hope and empowerment for disabled people. It would go something like this: Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed delegates of COP24, As we welcome 2024, I sit before you as one voice from the twelve million disabled individuals in the UK, a demographic often overlooked yet pivotal in the climate change discussion. Our presence at this juncture is not just symbolic; it is a testament to our potential to shape the environmental debate. Imagine with me, if you will, a future where our cities are more than concrete jungles. A future where green spaces and accessibility c